// All Eyes On Kai

Kai Kristiansen is a plethora of information and inspiration, and a true artist.  With a silhouette recognized the world over The #42 dining chair is by far Kai’s most celebrated work.

The #42 dining chair cannot be improved. The details speak not only timeless deign, but harmonious 
and understated engineering, defying tradition, such as the sculpted armrests and angular legs.

A love of line, form, nature and simplicity runs parallel throughout Japanese and Scandinavian design. It was natural therefore for Kai to trust wholeheartedly Miyazaki, an iconic and highly regarded Japanese chair mill, with the #42. At Miyazaki the finest oak and walnut is monitored until a perfect level of moisture is reached (a precise 12%) and only the smoothest natural beeswax is used ensuring a long life. Here he is (above) proudly signing the frames of limited #42 chairs at Miyazaki. 

Kai Kristiansen is a veteran of Scandinavian design I am proud to work with. With a career spanning more than 60 years and counting, his attitude, dedication and understated style continues to inspire us and is truly at the heart of Scandinavian Luxury.

// Standing the Test of Time

In the post war years at the beginning of her career, Nanna was always challenged by new materials and new techniques. Throughout the 1960s, her designs captured the feeling of liberation and idealism that defined that decade.

Despite coming from an arts and crafts background, she was not afraid to work with new materials. 
Experimenting with fibreglass, wickerwork and foam rubber, and in various disciplines such as cabinet-making, jewellery, tableware, applied art and textiles.

Her expertise in interior colour was much sought after along with her command of tone and hue. Heavily interested in arresting shapes, particularly curves, Nanna continued to study combinations of tubes and circles throughout her career. While all of her pieces are inspired, Ditzel always balanced function and form.

Designed in 1952, The ND 83 chair is a classic Nanna Ditzel, piece, soft and organic with a beautiful light feminine touch.